31 Mar 2010


So we all thought Spring was here to stay, just started to get used to the two pairs of lapwings flying in the field opposite, and the sound of curlews over the moor, and the very new lambs leaping with adrenaline and wearing their little plastic coats, when a foot and a half of snow was dumped on us, lines were bought down, phones cut off, and floods causing chaos around Scotland. But managed to get these two drawings done for a local report before all the lights went out. Still cut off from making it back up my hill home, so thankfully sitting in my mum's lovely warm house. Bliss. Gotta love mothers.

27 Mar 2010

Procrastination Part Deux

Procrastination, deviation, delaying, dilly-dallying, pottering, deferment, postponement, retardation, delay tactics, avoidance, loitering, dawdling, humming and hawing, sticking head in sand, disinclination.

Think I've had far too much fun drawing and thinking up words. Think its time to pack up the dictionary and thesaurus....

25 Mar 2010

More procrastination going on here, but thought I'd celebrate the emergence of spring. All very exciting. If I find my watercolours one day amongst the mess, I'll actually start painting again, though maybe that's taking procrastination one step too far....

23 Mar 2010


So this is the reason why I've not been blogging so much. Or at all. These are the new residents set up outside the kitchen window, and instead of packing and sorting out the mess that is now the house and garden, I've decided to draw. And make a fence around the bees. And go away for the weekend. And go on a five hour hike. And make a bench. In fact, anything at all rather than face the awful job of packing up a house for the 14th time in 11 years.

10 Mar 2010


So, February. A month of winters and contradictions. Spring sprung, then bounced right out again to make room for yet more winter which hasn't finished with us yet. I write this in March looking out over the hills at snow still clinging on to the heather. Bees still hiding, but I spotted my first Lapwing at the weekend, which cheered me up no end. Watching them in flight does nothing but good for the soul.

4 Mar 2010

Sunshine Award!

Wow, Pam Johnson Brickell has awarded me the Sunshine Award for "Creativity and Positivity in Blogging." Huge huge thank you Pam, big honour from such a talented lady.

If one accepts the reward it must be passed on to 12 others.  One must also let them know that they are nominated. Everything must be linked to everyone. I've now got to pass this on to 12 other creative bloggers, who I find inspiring, though trying to whittle it down to 12 is going to be hard, but here goes in no particular order!:

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3 Mar 2010

oh Fiddlesticks

This is the first time I've ever tried to draw someone playing the fiddle. Guitar I can do, as the musician usually stays relatively still bar the fingers, but fiddle players are a different matter, especially when they start swaying and bobbing up and down to the music. I'm glad this one was silhouetted, made my job slightly easier....