30 Sep 2009

This is about the only time I can capture Pulga, as she's normally jumping 3 feet high in excitement, whether its balls, sticks, bunny chasing or just general life excitement...

28 Sep 2009

Found this mouse on my walk this evening, had no damage to it at all so no idea how it died. Pulga patiently sat while I drew it, think she's getting used to it now, though think it was the last straw when I also found the last of the bell heather to capture.

Dog falls, dippers and dragonflies

Hidden Valley in Glen Coe, looking down from half way up Bidean nam Beinn

A weekend of dragonflies, dippers and waterfalls in Glen Affric. An indian summer, that only Scotland knows how to do in style and couldn't believe we took out our t-shirts and sun cream from our rucksacks earlier.

24 Sep 2009

Pulga catching a few zzz's. All I could see was this inky blackness in a vague shape of a cosy dog.

23 Sep 2009

First Sloe Harvest

I picked 1.5kg of sloes. Now I've just got to figure out what to do with them....