27 Nov 2010

Still here, bartering away..

Hi, I'm still here. Just been busy with life and all that is involved with it. Still drawing, but where on earth has the time gone to this year? There seems to be no time to scan drawings, write emails, phone friends, go for long walks, paint pictures, enjoy sunsets. But ask me what I've been doing with my life and I haven't the faintest idea of what to say that takes up the time. Been trying to earn some cash, got about 4 jobs, but realised I need to stop and take a breath every now and then. 

I have been seeing a guy who's been clicking my back into place and doing acupuncture down the spine, but as I've not been able to afford the fees, he very kindly accepted a picture in payment for three treatments - hence this picture above, bad photo as scanner not available at the time. But what a star he is, looked through my sketchbook, picked a style he liked, and asked for something similar of a Scottish scene. If only you could pay all your bills in pictures. Council tax, electricity, phone bill, food... What a much nicer place the world would be in if all the world was covered in art of all shapes and sizes. Bartering is the way to go in the world I think. Find something that each of you think is of value, and swap. Some vegetables for a bit of work in the garden. Or some volunteering with old folks or in a hospital instead of tax bills. 
Better get my head out of cloud cuckoo land....

3 Nov 2010

Dead but not ignored

I pass this tree whenever I drive into Edinburgh. Its dead and has been for many years, as I've been wanting to draw it whenever I pass it. Finally I did stop, as I'm sure one day the 'Health and Safety' laws will deem it unsafe and liable to fall on unsuspecting motorists, or a farmer will think it's in the way and chop it down, so I thought I'd get it down on paper and commemorate its gorgeous strong shape and interlacing nude branches. A tree in all its naked simple glory. Didn't get it all down, but I hope got the essence of it, and hopefully soon, I'll finish it off in a painting.