29 Sep 2010

Memories of Summer

On this miserable wet day, or as they say up here 'dreich', I thought I would post a wee drawing I did of some freshly picked peas just before I ate them raw. The taste of summer, a welcome memory in this first proper feeling of autumn. Brrr.

19 Sep 2010

Creative Blocks

Lesley Purcell was talking about creative blocks, and it reminded me how I try and get over them. I had gone through a period of not doing much and decided to take myself off to the woods with the dogs and my sketchbook. This is the initial drawing I did (then it started raining hence the big raindrop splodges), then when I got home I added the colour.

Not a great painting, but I wanted to try and remember the bright green leaves in the sunshine beyond the tall dark trees. I also then found some Scots Pines, one of my favourite trees, in a clearing.

I couldn't see the tops of them, but just loved the bright red orange trunks against the dark trees behind. I'll eventually get them painted properly, but at least these wee drawings got me out of a rut (with any luck). I hope Lesley finds her way out soon as her work is way too good to not be out there!

18 Sep 2010

A study in Ellipses

One of the best things I was ever taught was by my mum on how to draw ellipses. I found it incredibly hard to do and learn, but she made me stick at it and I love drawing them now. Still struggle every now and then, but find it quite therapeutic in a weird sort of way, just drawing ovals and trying to get the angle and light and odd shapes occurring in glasses and reflections.
I'd just like to point out that all those glasses in the drawing weren't all drunk by me... it was after a party and done very late one night after everyone had gone home and I didn't have the energy to clear up quite yet...