21 Dec 2009

Hidden art

Got fascinated with all the different footprints in the snow and tried to get them in the book with numb fingers and glasses steaming up. Love the patterns these shoe designers come up with. Its like a hidden art, only seen in flashes when people cross their legs, or leave imprints on the earth. Always there but never really noticed by anyone till the snow brings them out in all their glory. Lets celebrate the forgotten art of the sole designers!

17 Dec 2009

First real snow of the winter today. Trees and land covered, and things never noticed before are really standing out. Shapes and angles of branches, colours more intense and vibrant, the different marks and pattern from boots in peoples footprints, sunlight drawing a golden halo around an impatient dog who's not interested in this at all but just wants you to get on with it and throw the stick....

14 Dec 2009

Singing the changes

Finished another commission - music related again (I sense a theme). This time working from photos, and hopefully I've got the likeness okay. Though apparently, I've knocked a few years off him, but he may appreciate that it being his birthday....

9 Dec 2009


Finally got round to posting the latest instalment of my daily meanderings. Another busy month at the end of a busy year. Crazy, but life is good. Already got the sketchbook lined up for next years' box drawings - one exclusively for this 'diary' rather than muddled in-between my current drawings in my sketchbook. I've never been able to write a diary - or at least one that goes on all year,(it usually peters out by mid January) so this year has been quite an achievement for me, and I find more interesting looking back and remembering fun and interesting days. Almost cant' wait to start the new one, but I don't want to go and start wishing my life away before this year is even over and done with.

4 Dec 2009

Testing the waters

Been trying out a new style of ink drawing. Not at all sure it works, think the big black cloud is too black, but was trying to go for the more graphic look with solid colour and texture. Think I need a few more attempts at this before I get the balance right...