30 Nov 2009

Miles away

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments - thought you might like an update with photos from THE night.

Great party, great music, & great company with my two guys joining in on the fun. Not great photos but you get the general idea...

27 Nov 2009

Miles Davis gone wrong

Was asked to do some drawings on a big white wall to sit behind a stage - a friend has converted a barn into a studio, and now he's got a big birthday/opening party planned. So as he likes jazz and music in general, I decided to do Miles Davis.

Did lots of research, found a great photo of him when he was young so thought that would be a fab drawing to do, did lots of compositions, positions, different instruments, different musicians, then gave up and decided to just go with the flow when I saw the actual wall.

So, whacked on the music, got out the charcoal and brushes, got into my 'zone' and it ended up being nothing like Miles at all, but a couple of young guys in their 'zone' just enjoying the music.

Kind of pleased with the results (even though its nothing at all how it looked in my head), it being the biggest drawing I've ever done. Perhaps they'll encourage the real musicians into their zone....

26 Nov 2009

Getting my regular fix of the sea. Love the hills, but occasionally only a blast of cold salty sea air will do it for me. So drew the lifeboat hut, slight artistic license here as not quite these colours, but I love drawing lobster pots and impossible boats. Why are cars and boats so hard to draw?

23 Nov 2009

Armchair travelling 2

Another market, another Spanish town, this time Sitges. Still stuck at home, so more wish fulfilment travelling required...

20 Nov 2009

Armchair travelling

Getting huge withdrawal symptoms for Spain (especially looking at the wall of rain that is UK at the moment), so thought I'd do a virtual tour through all my old sketches and drawings. Looking back through my books immediately takes me back and surrounds me with sights, sounds, smells and constant chatter that the Spaniards seem to live and thrive in. Bliss.
So, virtual travelling, not quite the real thing, but good enough until it can be done for real.

19 Nov 2009

Peace and quiet

Just had a marathon trip around the UK, both business and pleasure, and after the madness of the south of England, its great to be back amongst the relative peace of Scotland. Car did about 800 miles, and gave up 20 miles from home when I tried to go out in it again. Glad it got me back that far, so I don't blame it really for saying enough is enough. So, stuck at home relying on lifts, but at least its keeping me out of trouble...

12 Nov 2009

Bedtime for bees

Had our first winter meeting at the Border Beekeepers, and though this isn't an actual bee, I found this bumblebee a while ago and thought that I would draw it. Bees are now tucked up for winter, and hopefully we'll see them safe and sound come spring.

10 Nov 2009

Kissing season

There is an old tale that when the gorse stops flowering, there will be no more kissing. As is evidenced with the number of buds I found on the bushes, I think we'll be alright for a wee while yet. Phew.

5 Nov 2009

The Great biscuit debate

I have a dilemma everyday, whether to go for the cracker or the oatcake. I know, wars, recession, climate change etc etc , but this features pretty high up on my agenda. Trying to stay off the choccie biscuits and be good, so as a wee snack have taken to nibbling on one or other of these. Not exactly inspiring but healthier. Whilst drawing them, never realised how great the writing was on the Jacobs crackers, really intricate. Also realised how hard it is to get an oatcake looking like an oatcake....

4 Nov 2009


Got invited out at the last minute to a concert near me. Could have kicked myself when I found out I forgot my sketchbook, so in the dark scrambling around in my handbag I managed to find a scrap of paper and pen and drew Darden Smith, an american singer/songwriter who was great and sang fantastic stories about his life, experiences and relationships. He said "songwriting is like alchemy: its a way I can touch that mystery - art, god, whatever it is out there - and I'm in love with that. I write because I like touching that mystery, that magic. and there is no end to it." Bit like drawing really.
McIntoshRoss were on next and in the interval I managed to find some postcards to make odd scribbles on the back. They're a husband and wife duo, Lorraine McIntosh and Ricky Ross from Deacon Blue fame. Didn't get their likenesses at all, especially her curly hair, but my excuse was I was drawing in the dark....

3 Nov 2009


So, more thumbnails from another action packed month in an action packed year. Can't believe its already November. So much for my new years resolution to make a Christmas present each month, not done one yet!