4 Nov 2009


Got invited out at the last minute to a concert near me. Could have kicked myself when I found out I forgot my sketchbook, so in the dark scrambling around in my handbag I managed to find a scrap of paper and pen and drew Darden Smith, an american singer/songwriter who was great and sang fantastic stories about his life, experiences and relationships. He said "songwriting is like alchemy: its a way I can touch that mystery - art, god, whatever it is out there - and I'm in love with that. I write because I like touching that mystery, that magic. and there is no end to it." Bit like drawing really.
McIntoshRoss were on next and in the interval I managed to find some postcards to make odd scribbles on the back. They're a husband and wife duo, Lorraine McIntosh and Ricky Ross from Deacon Blue fame. Didn't get their likenesses at all, especially her curly hair, but my excuse was I was drawing in the dark....


  1. These are great. I especially relate to your story and capture of Darden Smith, Magical! Thank You.

  2. Very nice sketches! You caught a lot of good moments.
    I like what Darden says. Very insightful and wise.

  3. Love the squiggley lines. Great captures.