25 Jan 2010

Inspiration and perspiration

I've just come back from a fantastic weekend printing course in Edinburgh, and have fallen in love with etching and all things related. Had fully intended to post my attempts today, but had to leave the prints behind to dry, so fingers crossed I can go and pick them up later this week. I did it at Edinburgh Printmakers, and had the good fortune to do it with a lovely bunch of people and a brilliant tutor called Bronwen Sleigh, who does beautiful etchings herself. Hard work, and got brain ache and arm ache but the total concentration on technique and creativity was brilliant.
So, all in all, an inspiring weekend, and now I've got 3 months membership included in the course price, I've got no excuse not to carry on. I may eventually etch this flower I drew a while back, or aquatint, or maybe once I've scraped the money together I might go and learn how to do lithography. Oh how the horizons have suddenly opened up.....

22 Jan 2010

An afternoon in the life of

This is the view from my desk, and this is the weather that happened in the space of 4 hours in an afternoon. Not great watercolours, but gives an idea of how quickly it can all change up here. Should have been working on something else, but couldn't resist trying to capture what was happening outside.

21 Jan 2010

Let sleeping dogs

My mum's dog has a big problem when Pulga and I come visiting. He has a big green bed, lovely and cosy and just the right size for him, but when my girl comes she squeezes her way into it with him, shoves her bottom around and makes a little space alongside. But if she gets in first, there is no way he on earth that he will push her out. He sits there grumbling and sulking until we make her get out. Sometimes its a dash to see who gets to the bed first, but usually she wins if she spots him making a move.
This time round, I bought her tartan bed, and both were quite happy by the fire, until Pulga got out, Finnegan squeezed himself into hers and she was left with his, much to her happiness as it was lovely and roomy, and much to his as he got his own small bed with no black thing joining him.

20 Jan 2010


Drew this little old lady sweetening her coffee. Either she was in a complete dream and didn't realise how much sugar she had put in her coffee, or she felt she obviously wasn't sweet enough and needed all the help she could get. I swear there were at least 6 empty packs of sugar, and more to follow. She also had 5 empty milk sachets. Coffee with your sugar madam?

19 Jan 2010

I've been trying to get together a series of sketches in preparation for an etching course I've booked myself on - here is the first. A wee group of trees drawn on a very cold but beautiful day trying to stay upright on an icy road, with a very patient dog waiting for me to get going again.

Not quite sure what drawing I'll finally covert into an etching this weekend, and not even sure if this one will make the cut, but can't wait to get started. If it all turns out well, I'll post my efforts next week, and who knows, it may be a new way forward for me.

13 Jan 2010

Feeling woolly headed

Designed a picture of a ram for one of our local community projects. Its going on a jute bag (if all agree!) to promote the launch of a new website for the area. From the earliest times the Lammermuirs have had sheep inhabiting the moors, hence the name - lammer is an old word for lamb - and to this day they still provide a basic income for the local farmers.

Apparently they are very intelligent. I had a friend who trained a lamb, and it used to follow him around, do tricks, and follow him everywhere - even as far as walking through the town behind him to go to the vets....

11 Jan 2010

Sometimes, only a wallow will do

Sometimes, when you're feeling cold, tired and just a little jaded, only a wallow in a hot bath will do.

7 Jan 2010

Hope Springs

Found some branches not totally covered in ice and frost and snow. Poor buds, hope they make it through to spring. At least this a sign though that not is all lost and something resembling spring is awaiting its opportunity...

5 Jan 2010


Since I painted this, the view has now turned pure white, not a blade of grass, or a patch of heather or a spot of blue sky to be seen. Even the road has disappeared under 3 foot high drifts. Fun for dogs, but not for getting snow in through the top of your wellies....

2 Jan 2010

The last stand

Happy New year y'all, wishing you all your hearts desires for 2010. Lets hope the creativity flows in all shapes and forms.