25 Jan 2010

Inspiration and perspiration

I've just come back from a fantastic weekend printing course in Edinburgh, and have fallen in love with etching and all things related. Had fully intended to post my attempts today, but had to leave the prints behind to dry, so fingers crossed I can go and pick them up later this week. I did it at Edinburgh Printmakers, and had the good fortune to do it with a lovely bunch of people and a brilliant tutor called Bronwen Sleigh, who does beautiful etchings herself. Hard work, and got brain ache and arm ache but the total concentration on technique and creativity was brilliant.
So, all in all, an inspiring weekend, and now I've got 3 months membership included in the course price, I've got no excuse not to carry on. I may eventually etch this flower I drew a while back, or aquatint, or maybe once I've scraped the money together I might go and learn how to do lithography. Oh how the horizons have suddenly opened up.....


  1. Horizons have opened up...isn't that the most joyful feeling! I love hibiscus - grew up with them in Florida - yours has a very nice feel.

  2. How exciting to discover etching and to work with such a convivial group! I did many etchings years ago and it is an enthralling medium. May you have many successful prints to show us in future.
    Joan Gillman Smith