31 Jan 2011

Pottering On

Can't wait, its feeling oh so that much closer to Spring and all it holds. Drew these pots in a friends' greenhouse while it was getting fixed after the snow bought all the panels in. Was meant to be helping but got distracted by all these cacti in their terracotta pots. Only very quickly painted afterwards, but it got me all excited about the planting plans and ideas that are shortly to be put in place. Also just started a fascinating book about the 'Secret Life of Plants' by Peter Tompkins. Written back in the 60's but still relevant. Makes me think twice now about how I talk and deal with plants. A must read for anyone who is even vaguely interested in plants.

24 Jan 2011

This little piggie

So that's the pigs gone. Great to have them, and learn all about them, not so great having to go out and feed them through 3 feet of snow over Christmas, but glad we did it. Thought I'd try and capture them, but all I  mostly managed to get was their backsides as most of the time they had their heads down in a trough or the mud rooting around. They did like the occasional scratch behind their ears where they went off in a kind of trance and leant into my hand. Only found out last week though that they were males. Sorry guys for calling you girlies the last 6 or so months, you'd think it'd be obvious...

18 Jan 2011

Resolute with resolutions

So far this year trying very hard to stay focused. I know its taken me till today to post, when I promised myself I would post much more often, and I would do a drawing a day, but so far that's not quite happened. But I have already done an oil painting this year, and I've started planning the next few, and one art resolution is to get at least one into a gallery. Resolution two, to enter art competitions. As they say, you've got to be in it to win it.... Resolution three, revamp my illustration portfolio and send off to agents and publishers. Four, keep up the blog. Five, uuhm, stay focused...
So here's to resolutions. Anyone willing to keep on my case is welcome. I'll try not to kick and scream too much.