24 Jan 2011

This little piggie

So that's the pigs gone. Great to have them, and learn all about them, not so great having to go out and feed them through 3 feet of snow over Christmas, but glad we did it. Thought I'd try and capture them, but all I  mostly managed to get was their backsides as most of the time they had their heads down in a trough or the mud rooting around. They did like the occasional scratch behind their ears where they went off in a kind of trance and leant into my hand. Only found out last week though that they were males. Sorry guys for calling you girlies the last 6 or so months, you'd think it'd be obvious...


  1. ha ha they are low to the ground, so I assume that's why you didn't notice they where guys.

    Great sketches!

  2. Oh I just love pigs, so cute... Looks like they are keeping you busy and on your toes (picturing you running after them).

    Great sketches!!!