18 Feb 2010

People watching

The two extremes of commuting life. From Mr Industrious at 8am, fixated on his laptop, extra strong coffee and blueberry muffin, to the lad fast asleep whislt in the middle of texting. The  joys of people watching.

16 Feb 2010

While the (other) boss is away....

Thought I'd take this opportunity while Hazel is away on holiday of uploading a picture of her I did last week (just to avoid the wrath you see). It was after a very long day walking the NEC in Birmingham (those of you who don't know it, its a huge exhibition centre otherwise known as Hell on Earth) visiting friends and drumming up business at a trade show. So hopefully she'll excuse the non likeness as we were both shattered and this was coming up to 11pm on the train, and I was sitting too close to her, and I had had two glasses of wine..... I can use all the excuses in the world, but after knowing her for 16 years (OMG is it really that long!!!) you would think that I really should by now be able to get some sort of likeness...

15 Feb 2010


Finally gotten around to posting my January drawings. It has been one of those months, full of the complete range of emotions, weathers and activities, and its run on into February. Lets hope this rollercoaster slows down a bit or at least doesn't have as many twists and turns and stomach turning and heart stopping moments as the first month and a half has done! Though, I suppose it does make life interesting....

8 Feb 2010

Got a flash of inspiration yesterday, saw a beautiful landscape painting, done in oils and palette knife, so when I got back home, out came my oils, my knives, my photo references, and this is the result of some mad painting done in about 40 minutes. Supposed to be golden grasses and the heather of the Lammermuir Hills, and I admit it looks nothing like heather and colour a bit dubious...., but I braved the white page, the fear, the unknown and went for it. Phew.

1 Feb 2010

Sketched and etched

So, I finally collected the etchings I did a week ago. The trees were from a sketch I did on a walk, though forgot that the image would actually be reversed - live and learn I always say...
The 'bees on acid' etch (as a friend described it!) is actually the Giants Causeway, a drawing I did from a photo I took last year in Northern Ireland, and turned into an aquatint. I love the effects of the aquatint and can't wait to try some more. Now got to think up a new idea, as I've got a prepared plate to work on to make sure I do actually go back and not wasted this opportunity of 3 months membership.