24 Dec 2010

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone. May it be as joyful as it is for my dog in the snow.

23 Dec 2010

Incoming Storms

Loving all this snow we've been having. When I'm not having to go out driving in it. And as long I've got all my thermals and waterproof footwear and socks two inches thick....
Missing the sight of green grass though. Not seen it for close to five weeks now, but on the plus side I've been very inspired by the elemental colours and shapes and pared down forms and contours the snow moulds out of the landscape. Been trying out oil paints for a change, and trying to figure out how to get my ideas and style down on canvas. Was struggling with a few paintings, so decided to go out with the dogs, came back to the studio looked out the window and saw this scene. (Sort of... kinda have to allow for artistic license and all that....) Got it down on canvas in the space of about 15 minutes which was great. Not a great photo taken of it, but just a record as its now off for a new life as someones Christmas present. They chose it themselves, so its not a big surprise if they happen to catch sight of it on here!