23 Aug 2010


This nuthatch was found dead at a friends house and was nearly thrown away till it was said that I would draw it. Hope I'm not going to start being known as the lady that draws dead things...
Anyway, it was amazing to draw, and I had to do it quickly so no time to do a detailed watercolour before it started crawling away on its own. Really beautiful little bird, and I couldn't capture the colour of its back, but the feathers were a soft grey blue with hints of lilac. But what amazed me was its claws. Such huge scaly feet and claws for such a little thing. Like some prehistoric keepsake from the old days.

17 Aug 2010

Dr Sketchy's Anti art School

Finally after a year or two of wanting to and never being at the right place/time or state of mind, I've made it to a Dr Sketchy Anti-Art School. Its life drawing with a difference, putting the fun back into the human form, ranging from the mad, bad and generally slightly kooky to the curious. This time it was out in the middle of the park in Edinburgh, and we got a chance to draw various acts from the festival, from burlesque dancers and their booty, to sword fighters and tea ladies. Great fun, and 3 hours passed in what felt like 10 minutes. A perfect antidote to a crazy week before.

But unfortunately I had to go before the half naked muscly man came on. Not that that was all I was waiting for, just purely wanting to stay for research purposes...