29 Aug 2011

Blaeberry's and wave chambers

Couldn't resist squishing the blaeberry on the paper to see what colour it was. Went down to Kielder Forest in Northumberland and came across a huge patch of them. Spent what felt like an hour picking them in the heat surrounded by flies and midges, and ended up with only a wee bag of them. Just enough for a pie, but oh what a pie! We were actually on our way to see the Wave Chamber by Chris Drury. A stone built beehive that you went in, shut the door and sat in the dark, until you realise that you're looking at waves on the stone floor. The hut is right on the edge of the reservoir and its a camera obscura reflecting the water into the hut. All you can hear is the water lapping at the shore, and see this reflection. Lovely meditative place. If I ever have a river or a pond, I would build one