17 Dec 2009

First real snow of the winter today. Trees and land covered, and things never noticed before are really standing out. Shapes and angles of branches, colours more intense and vibrant, the different marks and pattern from boots in peoples footprints, sunlight drawing a golden halo around an impatient dog who's not interested in this at all but just wants you to get on with it and throw the stick....


  1. I love the way snow changes the way you see the everyday things... especially the way it changes the way light works. Great sketch x

  2. this is really lovely!! I love how you captured the fence and the shape of the tree ... this is the kind of art "I" would like to do........thank you for sharing this!
    deni may....;)

  3. I like this one. Old barns and windmills are disappearing from our countryside. I snap pictures of them every chance I get. X.