3 Nov 2010

Dead but not ignored

I pass this tree whenever I drive into Edinburgh. Its dead and has been for many years, as I've been wanting to draw it whenever I pass it. Finally I did stop, as I'm sure one day the 'Health and Safety' laws will deem it unsafe and liable to fall on unsuspecting motorists, or a farmer will think it's in the way and chop it down, so I thought I'd get it down on paper and commemorate its gorgeous strong shape and interlacing nude branches. A tree in all its naked simple glory. Didn't get it all down, but I hope got the essence of it, and hopefully soon, I'll finish it off in a painting.


  1. Beautiful. I love winter trees, such great shapes, which you have captured wonderfully.

  2. I like your blog! Your written description of the tree is as beautiful and creative as the sketch!