19 Oct 2009

Went for a magical walk in the woods this weekend, and picked up all sorts of beautiful moss covered twigs and golden leaves.
I read an article asking people to find ancient trees in your area, and try and work out their age. Apparently, for every 1.5m circumference, the tree is 100 years old. We found a huge beech tree (and turning into tree huggers) we measured it to be around 7 metres which by our calculations makes it to be around and witnessing the 1500's. We worked out that when it was a sapling Michelangelo was working on David, da Vinci on Mona Lisa, Henry VIII was divorcing and beheading, and since then its seen the rise and fall of the Ottoman and Ming empires, America colonised, Incas wiped out, industrial revolution, and moon walks. Pretty humbling. Bet it has some stories to tell. One day I'll do a watercolour of it...


  1. What a lovely little sketch and some amazing things to think about! nancy

  2. Nice drawing. Wow, that's an old tree! How mind-boggling to think of it in terms of what was going on while that tree was growing. Very interesting!