24 Jul 2013

Larry the Lamb

Thought I'd draw Larry the Lamb before he lost his scruffy coat. He's definitely not a pampered poodle, especially when he gets his 'teddy bear' cut. The big dogs don't recognise him when he gets back from his outing to the hairdresser. Hackles go up, bits get sniffed, and its only when he starts doing his usual rushing around and nipping dog heels that they realise who he is and the excitement is over and he's let back into the fold. Not that they have much choice. We all know who is really in charge....


  1. He's so cute and he knows how to strike great sleeping poses... Lovely drawings!!!
    I know you call him Larry the Lamb, personally I like the more Lambs cut on our Charlie... Any shorter and he has spider legs or any thicker and he looks like a sheep by the end of summer and he always ends up with a collection of thistles bedded in his hair. They sure look so funny after their new hair cut : )

    Love your drawing!!!

  2. That's so him well done..can you now publish one of him getting a bath!? That is SOOOO sweet xx