26 Mar 2013

Chips and chappies

 So, saw this wee chappie whilst eating our fish and chips. We watched him as he watched us, him on the bonnet of the car, us inside it, taunting him. He looked very young and curious, beautiful back feathers, very bright and shiny not used or sullied yet. He had lovely white spots on his tail feathers when they were all folded up. Still don't know the difference in my gulls yet, but felt amenable to him and threw him a few chips at the end. I know, its just encouraging them, but they're having a hell of a winter as are we all.

Thought I'd try and capture the sunset as the light was fading in this wee harbour.  A bit of a scribble but it was such a peaceful scene couldn't resist sitting there capturing it.


  1. Lovely drawings! The contrast between the brown paper and the punchy colours is great. What are you using? Is it a pastel pencil or coloured pencil? Brand? I've got some Derwent Studio coloured pencils that I'm just not happy with. They don't lay down enough pigment. Too waxy perhaps?

  2. Yes Gulls are charming and cute to look at... Until they come after your lunch mouth wide open (I love looking at them too, once tried even to rescue one that was injured and as a thanks he bit the living crap out of my hand... but he was cute! lucky for him). Lovely sketches and I really like the paper you have, gives it that extra to everything and the white looks so soft. The pier looks inviting, beautiful sun set.

    Great sketches and heres to spring, birds and open seas : )

  3. Thanks guys, the crayons I'm using are Caran D'ache Neocolor II. I'm finding them really useful to sketch with at the moment, especially on this brown paper.They're also water soluble so you can add water later to get a nice effect.