5 Jun 2012

Variations on a theme

When we finally got round to uncovering all the bulbs that we'd overwintered in vermiculite, we found these lily sprouting. I loved the colour of the stem and the bulb, and the little white shoots coming out of the base of the stalk, like little grubs.
So after doing the watercolour, I decided to try inks, not totally colour representative but great to see how the inks work and blend with each other. More practice needed I think to get balance right. As I say, a work in progress. Now I've planted the bulb, I'll wait till a flower comes and add it to the picture.


  1. Lovely.

    The last one looks like a mythical critter about to dance ;)

  2. These are wonderful studies Catriona. I've just started to play around with coloured inks so I'm very interested in checking out your work for inspiration. I love the series you did at the yarn/mill place. Really lovely.

  3. Thanks guys - and thanks Sue - could be a good idea for a character! Hope your ink experiments go well Meegan, they're fun to play with!

  4. Yeah, looks like a pink-faced fancy critter running away! Beautiful work xx