7 Jul 2010

Sandwood Bay

I recommend to anyone who can face a 4 mile hike, and an extensive trip right up to the north west highlands, to visit Sandwood Bay in Sutherland. It takes your breath away, and its not just the hike doing that. Its a John Muir nature reserve, about a 2 mile or so long white beach with a loch behind it, and when we got there a thick ha was creating such an atmospheric scene, it felt like you stepped back to the time of pirates and the ghosts of the Spanish Armada.
We had heard tales of the resident ghost, and treasure that is supposed to be on the beach from ships that have run aground there, so we did the 4 mile hike with metal detectors.... like we were going to find anything on a huge white beach with massive sand dunes, but hey ho. So while one of us went off scanning with the detector, I sat and tried to paint the ha, the dogs ran wild up and down the dunes, and it was so idyllic, not even the ghost could scare off the sea eagle I saw perched by the loch. Bliss.


  1. Wonderful job! and Such contry side to see. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a lovely countryside! These are great!

  3. "and when we got there a thick HA was creating such an atmospheric scene"

    What is a HA? I'm not from the British Isles, so this is unfamiliar to me.


  4. hi jesse, a Ha is like a sea mist/fog, thick, cold and eerie... brrr. Just the right atmoshphere for ghosts... :)

  5. This is a terrific post. Both the writing and the illustrations show the mysteries of the Highlands. Thanks for sharing.