26 Jun 2010


On one of the many ferries I took, I ended up in one of the passageways where dogs were allowed. So we sat and dozed and read, and I ended up drawing this, a young mother and her very active toddler who had slept all the way from Manchester, and now decided to be up and active on the 6 hour ferry crossing while her exhausted Mum tried to keep an eye on her.

I was initially trying to draw a young shepherd/part time lobster fisherman, who was in the dog section with us and his sheep dog. He was just 19, but already had huge plans and ambitions. He'd been over to New Zealand when he was 17 after saving up, learnt how to shear sheep, came back and was now a travelling shepherd around Scotland and the Outer Hebrides, shearing sheep during the season, with his big ambition to shear 400 sheep in one day. Last year he made it to 370 odd. He was also saving up to buy a big Charolais bull so he could start his own herd and breed prize winning cows.

I thought his ambition was great, its not often you meet someone that age who knows exactly what he wants to do in life. I kept trying to draw him but he looked so self conscious I stopped and drew the toddler instead who had no such fears, and kept on quite happily trying to wake her Mum up, in between making faces in the mirror, running over to pat the dogs, and stare at people from between her legs. Hope she grows up just as self assured as the young shepherd.


  1. Great sketches and a really nice posting -a different view of the youth of today.

  2. Just been to see the renaissance drawings at the British Museum - similar crowd scenes!

  3. tania freckleface27 June 2010 at 09:59

    Fantastic, what a wonderful adventure. My mum and dad used to take holidays visiting the Scottish isles, and my cousin is currently doing it. I would so love to go one day. I bet it made you feel renewed and hopefully managed to give you some calm moments amidst all the mayhem and upheaval going on in your life. xx